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Are you eligible for a respite break?

If your family have suffered the loss of a child under the age of 19 years old and you are living in the South West of England, then you may be eligible for a respite break.  By the term family we mean that you must be the parent, a step-parent, a legal guardian, or a sibling.  We aim to be as flexible and inclusive as possible, when providing respite breaks to our families, based on the need of the family, their situation and siblings.  If you are unsure if you are eligible for a break please contact the admin team.


Family Applications

Family applications will be accepted and prioritised in accordance with out Trustees criteria, with new families taking priority.  When arranging the breaks, we aim to provide each family with accommodation that best suits their families requirements.  On completion and submission of your application form you will receive an automated response from Charlie's Star Admin Team, who will process your application.  An acknowledgment letter and accommodation details will follow from the charity in due course.  For more information please contact the Admin Team via the contact page.

  • Please be aware that many beaches and accommodation will not accept dogs between 6th July to 31st August.

Holiday Location

Your family stay will be arranged for you in Cornwall with one of our charity partnerships, or elsewhere in the South West, depending on the family requirements at the time of booking.  Prior to your holiday, you will be provided with instructions for your arrival at the accommodation.  Should you require any support then it will be provided locally if possible throughout your stay, where possible however this is not guaranteed.



Cornwall is full of local attractions and activities that you may wish to utilise during your stay, some of which can be found here.  Families are free to pick and choose what they do each day, ultimately this is your families’ holiday.  

Are you eligible and wish to apply for a respite break?  Please complete our online application form.

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